Proceedings of the 21st International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation ION GNSS 2008
September 16 - 19, 2008
Savannah International Convention Center
Savannah, Georgia

GPS and GNSS in the Future PNT EnvironmentThe Honorable John G. Grimes1 - 6
GLONASS in a Multi-GNSS WorldYury Nosenko7 - 19
European GNSS Programmes and the Future of GNSSPaul Verhoef20 - 29
Reduced Inertial Sensor System (RISS)/GPS Integration using Particle Filtering for Land VehiclesJacques Georgy, Umar Iqbal, Mohamed Bayoumi and Aboelmagd Noureldin30 - 37
On-line Tuning of an Extended Kalman Filter for INS/GPS Navigation ApplicationsChris Goodall, Naser El-Sheimy, Zainab Syed38 - 47
Flight Testing and Data Evaluation of MEMS INS/GPS Hybridisation Filters - First ResultsMeiko Steen, Per Martin Schachtebeck, René Plate, Peter Hecker, Stephane Monrocq 48 - 56
Development of a Frequency Response INS/GPS System Model Based on LSSA for Bridging GPS OutageMohammed El-Diasty, Spiros Pagiatakis57 - 63
Cycle Slip Detection and Fixing by MEMS-IMU/GPS Integration for Mobile Environment RTK-GPSTomoji Takasu, Akio Yasuda64 - 71
Performance Improvement of Integrated MEMS/GNSS SystemsJ.-R. De Boer, V. Calmettes, J.-Y. Tourneret, B. Lesot72 - 79
Novel Positioning Algorithms for RFID-Assisted 2D MEMS INS SystemsMing Zhu80 - 87
Host-based Tight-integration of MEMS Dead-Reckoning and GPSRoberto Zanutta, Frank van Diggelen88 - 92
Enhancements of the Range Consensus Algorithm (RANCO)Georg Schroth, Markus Rippl, Alexandru Ene, Juan Blanch, Boubeker Belabbas, Todd Walter, Per Enge, Michael Meurer93 - 103
Influence of GNSS Integrity Monitoring on Single and Multiple Fault Event ProbabilitiesJason Rife104 - 115
A Sensitivity-based Method for Fault Detection and IdentificationYun Wu, Jinling Wang116 - 122
Multi-Constellation RAIM for Simultaneous Double-Fault Satellite ScenariosZhang Miaoyan, Zhang Jun, Qin Yong 123 - 131
Evaluation of Multi-system Integrity AlgorithmsP.F. Silva, M. Marcote, N. Schaeffer, J.F.M. Lorga, A. Fernández132 - 138
RAIM Performance in the Post SA EraTim Murphy, Matt Harris139 - 150
A New Method for Detection, Identification and Mitigation of Outliers in Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)Hiroshi Isshiki151 - 158
Signal Compression for an Efficient and Simplified GNSS Signal Parallel AcquisitionMaurizio Fantino, Marco Pini and Paolo Mulassano, Gianmarco Girau, Mario Nicola and Alessandro Nordio159 - 166
Direct P(Y)/M-code Acquisition Based on Time-Frequency Folding TechniqueHong Li, Mingquan Lu, Zhenming Feng167 - 173
Reduced Complexity Circuits for Serial Code Phase Search AcquisitionGianmarco Girau, Letizia Lo Presti, Maurizio Fantino174 - 182
Bayesian Direct Position EstimationPau Closas, Carles Fernandez-Prades, David Bernal, Juan A. Fernandez–Rubio183 - 190
Noise Floor Independent Delay Lock Loop DiscriminatorGang Xie and Xiang Yuan191 - 196
GNSS Receiver with Vector Based FLL-Assisted PLL Carrier Tracking LoopStefan Kiesel, Christian Ascher, Daniel Gramm, Gert F. Trommer197 - 203
HOTSTART EVERY TIME - Compute the Ephemeris on the MobilePhilip G. Mattos204 - 211
A Dynamic Satellite Search Scheduling for GNSS Super ConstellationKun-Tso Chen212 - 220
Pull-out Probability and Tracking Threshold Analysis for High Dynamics GNSS Carrier LoopsPedro A. Roncagliolo, Javier G. Garcia, Carlos H. Muravchik 221 - 228
Block Correlator for Tracking GPS/GNSS SignalsPhani K. Sagiraju, Pradeep Kashyap, David Akopian229 - 235
Filtering IF Samples to Reduce the Computational Load of Frequency Domain Acquisition in GNSS ReceiversSana Ullah Qaisar, Nagaraj C. Shivaramaiah, Andrew G. Dempster, Chris Rizos236 - 243
The Study of Typhoon Path in Taiwan Region using Precise Point Positioning TechniqueWei-Chih Peng, Yu-Hwa Lee, Kai-Wei Chiang, Ming Yang244 - 252
Troposphere Modeling for Precise GPS Rapid Static Positioning in Mountainous AreasP. Wielgosz, S. Cellmer, Z. Rzepecka, D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska253 - 260
Estimation of Troposphere Decorrelation Using the Combined Zenith-dependent ParameterYong Won Ahn, Don Kim, Peter Dare, James Park261 - 270
Assessing Space-based GNSS Technology for Meteorological Studies in AustraliaErjiang Fu271 - 276
Real-Time Detection of Ionospheric Scintillations and Potential ApplicationsIrma Rodríguez, Carlos Hernández, Ana Curiel, Carlos Catalán, Laura Fernández, Esther Sardón277 - 288
Diffraction Tomography of the Disturbed Ionosphere Based on GPS Scintillation DataMark L. Psiaki, Gary S. Bust, Alessandro P. Cerruti, Paul M. Kintner Jr., and Steven P. Powell289 - 308
Evaluating GPS Receiver Robustness to Ionospheric ScintillationJoanna C. Hinks, Todd E. Humphreys, Brady O’Hanlon, Mark L. Psiaki, Paul M. Kintner, Jr.309 - 320
The MIM-Principle Where GNSS and Radio Astronomy CollideE. Noordam321 - 326
Real-Time, Wide-Area, Precise Kinematic Positioning Using Data from Internet NTRIP StreamsOscar L. Colombo327 - 337
Incorporation of Network Information in Multiple GNSS Processing EnvironmentHans-Jürgen Euler, Joachim Wirth338 - 347
The Relationship Between Network RTK Solutions MAC, VRS, PRS, FKP and i-MAXFrank Takac, Oliver Zelzer348 - 355
User Terminal/Local Element System for Network Based Positioning using RTK/EGNOS in Urban EnvironmentAntonio Defina, Khalid Charqane, Fabrizio Dominici, Gianluca Marucco, Chiara Porporato, Mattia De Agostino, Ambrogio M. Manzino356 - 367
Transferring Ambiguity Levels Between Network CorrectionsP. Alves, and P.M. Grgich368 - 375
Algorithms to Calibrate and Compensate for GLONASS Biases in GNSS RTK Receivers Working with 3rd Party NetworksAleksey Boriskin, Gleb Zyryanov376 - 384
Toward the Ultimate RTK: The Last Challenges in Long-Range Real-Time Kinematic ApplicationsDon Kim, Richard B. Langley385 - 396
Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution in Real-TimeLeos Mervart, Zdenek Lukes, Christian Rocken, Tetsuya Iwabuchi397 - 405
Investigating the Impact of the Commercial GSM/GPRS Communications on the Availability of the Network Based RTK GNSS ServiceJose Aponte, Xiaolin Meng, Terry Moore, Chris Hill, Mark Burbidge406 - 411
Global Positioning Systems Wing GPS Program Update to ION GNSS 2008Dave Madden412 - 430
GLONASS Status and ProgressSergey Revnivykh431 - 452
Galileo Programme StatusMarco Falcone453 - 492
Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) Program UpdateKoji Terada493 - 527
Modeling and Analysis of Measurement Time Synchronization Error in Transfer AlignmentCheon-Joong Kim, Hyun-Seok Kim, Heung-Won Park528 - 536
Wireless Localization and Navigation with the Signal of Opportunity by Exploiting Doppler FrequencySiva Kumar Balaga, Huilin Xu, Liuqing Yang537 - 544
A Model-Aided AHRS for Micro Aerial Vehicle ApplicationNavid Dadkhah, Bernard Mettler, Demoz Gebre-Egziabher545 - 553
Rapid Initialization of SINS for Land Vehicle-based Vertically-launched MissilesZhenkai Xu, Yong Li, Chris Rizos, Xiaosu Xu554 - 559
Precise Time Transfer and Ranging Experiment using ETS-VIII SatelliteYasuhiro Takahashi, Fumimaru Nakagawa, Hiroo Kunimori, Jun Amagai, Shigeru Tsuchiya, Ryo Tabuchi, Shin'ichi Hama, Hiroyuki Noda560 - 564
Ultra-stable Oscillators: Limits of GNSS Coherent IntegrationPascal O. Gaggero, Daniele Borio565 - 575
A Picosecond Accuracy Timing System Based on L1-only GNSS Receivers for a Large Aperture Array RadarGustav Stenberg, Tore Lindgren, Jonny Johansson576 - 580
Real-time Clock Estimation for Precise Orbit Determination of LEO-SatellitesA. Hauschild, O. Montenbruck581 - 589
Precise Timing using a High Sensitivity Receiver in Indoor EnvironmentsE. Anyaegbu, J.P. Bickerstaff, P. Fleming, G. Whitworth590 - 601
Differences in Multipath Propagation Between Urban and Suburban EnvironmentsAlexander Steingass, Andreas Lehner602 - 611
Impact of Near-Field Effects on the GNSS Position SolutionFlorian Dilssner, Günter Seeber, Gerhard Wübbena, Martin Schmitz612 - 624
A New Wavelet-Based Multipath Mitigation TechniqueMohamed Elhabiby, Ahmed El-Ghazouly, Naser El-Sheimy625 - 631
Performance of GNSS Time of Arrival Estimation Techniques in Multipath EnvironmentsAli Broumandan, Tao Lin632 - 643
Particle Filtering Strategies for Efficient Multipath MitigationPau Closas, Carles Fernandez-Prades, Juan A. Fernandez-Rubio, David Bernal644 - 651
BOC/MBOC Multicorrelator Receiver with Least-Squares Multipath Mitigation TechniqueFernando D. Nunes, Fernando M.G. Sousa, Jose M.N. Leitao652 - 662
Demonstration of a Synthetic Phased Array Antenna for Carrier/Code Multipath MitigationT. Pany, B. Eissfeller663 - 668
Analysis of Early Late Phase for Multipath MitigationOmer Mohsin Mubarak669 - 678
A Geometrical Approach for Maximum Likelihood Estimation of MultipathNuria Blanco-Delgado, Fernando D. Nunes, Joao M. Xavier679 - 688
GPS Multipath Parameterization using the Extended Kalman Filter and a Dual LHCP/RHCP AntennaAshkan Izadpanah, Cillian O’Driscoll, Gérard Lachapelle689 - 697
A Demonstration of L2C Tracking from Space for Atmospheric OccultationT.K. Meehan, Chi O. Ao, Byron Iijima, David Robison, Doug Hunt, Christian Rocken, Bill Schreiner, Sergey Sokolovskiy698 - 701
MMS-IRAS TRL-6 TestingGregory W. Heckler, Luke B. Winternitz, William A. Bamford702 - 709
Next Space-VLBI Mission, VSOP-2, and the Precise Orbit Determination with GNSS Navigation and SLRYoshiharu Asaki, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Makoto Yoshikawa710 - 718
Lessons Learned from the use of GPS in Space: Application to the Orbital use of GALILEOJ-L. Issler, A. de Latour, L. Ries, L. Lestarquit, M. Grondin, J. Dantepal719 - 735
First Spaceborne Demonstration of Galileo Signals for GNSS ReflectometryPhilip J. Jales, Ruediger M. Weiler, Craig Underwood, Martin Unwin736 - 745
Integer Ambiguity Free Attitude Determination from GNSS Carrier Phase Double Differences by Means of a Hyper-Dome Quaternion Search GridRoberto V.F. Lopes, Adenilson R. da Silva, Hélio K. Kuga746 - 757
Zero-difference Ambiguity Fixing for Spaceborne GPS ReceiversD. Laurichesse, F. Mercier, J.P. Berthias, P. Broca, L. Cerri758 - 768
Test Results from a Precise Positioning and Attitude Determination System for Microsatellites using a Software-Defined RadioAlison Brown, Peter Brown, Benjamin Mathews769 - 774
Nonlinear Fixed-Point Smoothers and their Application for GPS Orbit DeterminationChun Yang, Thao Nguyen, Mikel Miller775 - 785
Improved Orbit Estimation using GPS Measurements for Conjunction AnalysisAlana R. Muldoon, Gabriel H. Elkaim786 - 794
Cost Effective & Innovative Approach to Recover from Data Corruptions Due to Radiation Effects in GPS Receivers in Leo-OrbitsG. Vyasaraj, B.N. Raghothama, J.K. Ray795 - 801
Development and Field-Testing of a GPS-Based Mountain Pass Road Opening Driver Assistance SystemKin S. Yen, Michael T. Darter, Ty A. Lasky, Bahram Ravani802 - 812
Navigation and Sensor Integration in an Autonomous LawnmowerAdam Webb, Brian Birkmire, Jeffrey Baugher, Kuldip S. Rattan, Scott Thomas, John Gallagher813 - 818
Mini-Urban ChallengeCasey C. Miller, Caroline A. New819 - 825
Adaptive Sensing for Improving Detection of Unexploded Ordnances with a Sigma-Point Information FilterAlan Y. Chen826 - 836
Mitigating Geomagnetic Noise in Airborne Magnetic Surveys using GPSSusan Skone837 - 842
A New GPS-Enhanced High Resolution Weather ServiceTetsuya Iwabuchi, Christian Rocken843 - 851
An Energy Scavenging Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Littoral SurveillanceGabriel Hugh Elkaim, C.O. Lee Boyce Jr.852 - 860
Cooperative LBS for Secure Transport SystemAndrea Tomatis, Pasquale Cataldi, Giovanni Pau, Paolo Mulassano, Fabio Dovis861 - 866
Micro-Navigation Satellite Network Design and AnalysisBei Kang, Jong-Ha Lee, Chang-Hee Won867 - 876
A Triple Estimating Receiver of Multiplexed Binary Offset Carrier (MBOC) Modulated SignalsM.S. Hodgart, R.M. Weiler, M. Unwin877 - 886
Revised PRN Code Structures for Galileo E1 OSStefan Wallner, Jose-Angel Avila-Rodriguez, Jong-Hoon Won, Günter Hein, Jean-Luc Issler887 - 899
An Interference Impact Assessment Model for GNSS SignalsBeatrice Motella, Simone Savasta, Davide Margaria, Fabio Dovis900 - 908
GNSS Offline Signal Quality AssessmentM. Soellner, C. Kurzhals, G. Hechenblaikner, M. Rapisarda, T. Burger, S. Erker, J. Furthner, U. Grunert, M. Meurer, S. Tholert909 - 920
Mitigating the Impact of GNSS Signals in the Radio Astronomy Band 1610.6-1613.8 MHzOlivier Julien, Jean-Luc Issler921 - 932
Interference Effects on Galileo E5b and E6 Frequencies Observed in the Galileo Test and Development Environment GATEGuenter Heinrichs, Erwin Loehnert, Bjoern Ott, Elmar Wittmann933 - 939
C-Band User Terminal Concepts and Acquisition Performance Analysis for European GNSS Evolution ProgrammeJong-Hoon Won, Bernd Eissfeller, Berthold Lankl, Andreas Schmitz-Peiffer, Enrico Colzi940 - 951
Galileo Signal Fading in an Indoor EnvironmentAndreas Teuber, Matteo Paonni, Victoria Kropp, Günter W. Hein952 - 960
AltBOC for Dummies or Everything You Always Wanted To Know About AltBOCLaurent Lestarquit, Géraldine Artaud, Jean-Luc Issler961 - 970
GPS-GALILEO Urban Interoperability Performance with the GPS-GALILEO Time OffsetBernard Bonhoure, Inge Vanschoenbeek, Marco Boschetti, Jérôme Legenne971 - 981
Consequences of MBOC Approximation by BOC ModulationF. Macchi, M.G. Petovello, G. Lachapelle982 - 993
Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) Program StatusCarlos Rodriguez994 - 1008
Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Program StatusDeborah Lawrence1009 - 1031
Status of MSAS: MTSAT Satellite-based Augmentation SystemHideki Manabe1032 - 1059
EGNOS Status UpdateD. Flament and C. Seynat1060 - 1088
Recent Progress on Aviation IntegrityPer Enge1089 - 1108
EUROCONTROL Policy on GNSSF. Salabert, A. Hendriks , R. Rawlings, R. Farnworth1109 - 1115
Availability of GNSS Performance to Support ADS-BMatt Harris, Tim Murphy1116 - 1123
EGNOSATC: A Prototype for the Generation of NOTAM for European EGNOS Flight ProceduresMaría D. Mota, Jesús Cegarra, Daniel Zapata, José M. Bermúdez, Emilio J. Gonzále1124 - 1138
Performance of a Doppler-Aided GPS Navigation System for Aviation Applications under Ionospheric ScintillationTsung-Yu Chiou, Jiwon Seo, Todd Walter, Per Enge1139 - 1147
Ionospheric Delay Estimation in a Single Frequency Mode for Civil AviationChristophe Ouzeau, Christophe Macabiau, Benoît Roturier, Mikaël Mabilleau, Laurent Azoulai, Jacqueline Levan, Frédéric Besse1148 - 1158
Near Real-Time Geo-Referenced UAV Imagery Collection and Web-Based Processing on a Server for Targeting and MappingAlison Brown, Bruce Bockius, Dave Wetlesen, Jim Dalrymple1159 - 1164
Estimating Angle of Attack and Sideslip Under High Dynamics on Small UAVsJohn Perry, Ahmed Mohamed, Baron Johnson, Rick Lind1165 - 1173
Fully Automatic Taxiing, Takeoff and Landing of a UAV Only with a Single-Antenna GPS ReceiverAm Cho, Jihoon Kim, Sanghyo Lee, Dongkeon Kim, Changdon Kee1174 - 1181
Performance Evaluation of Low Cost Multi-Antenna GPS/INS for Small UAVsRui Hirokawa, Ryusuke Ohata, Taro Suzuki, Takuji Ebinuma1182 - 1192
Smart Positioning with Fastrax's Software GPS Receiver SolutionS. Söderholm, T. Jokitalo, K. Kaisti, H. Kuusniemi, H. Naukkarinen1193 - 1200
A Single Die GPS, with Indoor Sensitivity - The NXP GNS7560T. Haddrell, J.P. Bickerstaff, M. Conta1201 - 1209
Achieving 30 cm Autonomous Positioning Accuracy with Nexteq Single-Frequency GPS ReceiversY. Zhang, S. Lee, C. Chen1210 - 1216
Galileo Receiver Testing with the GNSS Signal Generator NSG 5100S. Martin, S. Diefenbach, D. Felbach, M.V. Voithenberg, H. Dietz, R. Sasum1217 - 1226
A Versatile Solution for Testing GPS/Inertial Navigation SystemsNeal Fedora, Colin Ford, Peter Boulton1227 - 1236
Performance Evaluation of the Multi-Constellation and Multi-Frequency GNSS RF Navigation Constellation Simulator NavX-NCSGuenter Heinrichs, Markus Irsigler, Robert Wolf, Guenther Prokoph1237 - 1241
magicGNSS: Precise GNSS Products Out of the BoxR. Piriz, A. Mozo, P. Navarro, D. Rodriguez1242 - 1251
Galileo Performance Analysis Software for Test User ReceiversSonsoles Romero, José Diez, Antonio Fernández, Axel Van den Berg, Maria Simsky, Kristoff Van Wassenhove, Richard Morgan-Owen, Juan Carlos de Mateo, Martin Hollreiser1252 - 1257
GPStream: A Low Bandwidth Architecture to Deliver or Autonomously Generate Predicted EphemerisEric Derbez, Rich Lee1258 - 1264
Continuous GNSS Performance Monitoring, Prediction and Information Services via GalTeCW. Ehret, H. Su, E. Kubitz, O. Glaser, E. Blomenhofer1265 - 1277
New Approach for Integer Ambiguity Resolution using Interval AnalysisE. van Kampen, E. de Weerdt, Q.P. Chu, J.A. Mulder1278 - 1289
Enhanced Integer Bootstrapping for Single Frequency GPS Attitude DeterminationJames Pinchin1290 - 1298
Optimization of Position Domain Relative RAIMYoung C. Lee1299 - 1314
Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution using the Decoupled Clock ModelPaul Collins, Francois Lahaye, Pierre Heroux, Sunil Bisnath1315 - 1322
Optimising the Algorithm Design for High-integrity Relative Navigation using Carrier-phase Relative GPS Integrated with INSPaul D. Groves, Charles R. Offer, Christopher J. Mather, Graham W. Pulford, Immanuel A. Ashokaraj, Alex A. Macaulay1323 - 1334
New Approaches to IMU Modeling and INS/GPS Integration for UAV-Based Earth-ObservationP. Molina, M. Wis, M.E. Pares, M. Blazquez, J.C. Tatjer, I. Colomina1335 - 1344
INS/GPS Integration Using Gaussian Sum Particle FilterYukihiro Kubo, Jinling Wang1345 - 1352
A Robust Filtering Scheme for Attitude/Rate Estimation with GNSS SignalsJavier G. Garcia, Pedro A. Roncagliolo, Carlos H. Muravchik1353 - 1364
Integrity Monitoring of Carrier Phase Measurements using Particle FilteringEunsung Lee, Moon Beom Heo, Gi Wook Nam, Young Jae Lee1365 - 1370
Improving user Experience in Assisted Land Navigation using Sub-optimal Sensor Configuration Installed on a Cell PhoneGoutam Dutta, Hemanth Mullur, June Chul Roh, Sandeep Rao, Srinath Hosur1371 - 1376
Twin IMU-HSGPS Integration for Pedestrian NavigationJared B. Bancroft, Gérard Lachapelle, M. Elizabeth Cannon, Mark G. Petovello1377 - 1387
GNSS Aided In Situ Human Lower Limb Kinematics During RunningS.P. Kwakkel, G. Lachapelle, M.E. Cannon1388 - 1397
A Solution for Combined GPS/GLONASS Navigation in Conditions of Limited Satellite VisibilityChangsheng Cai1398 - 1405
Instantaneous RTK Positioning Based on User Velocity MeasurementsNobuaki Kubo, Sam Pullen1406 - 1417
A Hybrid System for Navigation in GPS-challenged Environments: Case StudyChris Rizos, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, Charles K. Toth, Andrew G. Dempster, Yong Li, Nonie Politi, Joel Barnes, Hongxing Sun1418 - 1428
Precise Point Positioning with Single-Frequency Mass Market ReceiversA. Somieski, E. Favey, C. Burgi1429 - 1436
The Usefulness of Internet-based (NTrip) RTK for Navigation and Intelligent Transportation SystemsMarcin Uradzinski, Don Kim, Richard B. Langley1437 - 1445
A Zonal Regional Augmentation System Applying on Railway and Inland WaterwayWang Zhipeng, Zhang Jun, Liu Qiang1446 - 1454
Performance of Hourly Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity ResolutionJianghui Geng, Xiaolin Meng, Norman Teferle, Alan Dodson, Maorong Ge, Chuang Shi, Jingnan Liu1455 - 1461
Quality Assessment of DTM Generated from RTK GPS Data on Area with Various Sky ViewsAbdul Nasir Matori, Dedi Atunggal, B.K. Cahyono1462 - 1469
GALANT - Architecture Design and First Results of A Novel Galileo Navigation Receiver Demonstrator With Array AntennasManuel Cuntz, Holmer Denks, Andriy Konovaltsev, Achim Hornbostel, Achim Dreher, Michael Meurer1470 - 1477
Performance of an L1/E5 GNSS Receiver using a Direct Conversion Front-End ArchitectureRuediger M. Weiler, Paul Blunt, Philip Jales, Martin Unwin, Stephen Hodgart1478 - 1489
A New Unambiguous Tracking Technique for Sine-BOC(2n,n) SignalsZheng Yao1490 - 1496
Exploiting the Secondary Codes to Improve Signal Acquisition Performance in Galileo ReceiversNagaraj C. Shivaramaiah, Andrew G. Dempster, Chris Rizos1497 - 1506
A Novel Low-Complexity Acquisition Method for Next Generation GNSS SignalsPei-Hsueh Lee, Dong-Hong Liu, Wei-Lung Mao, Hen-Wai Tsao, Fan-Ren Chang, Hsin-Chung Yeh, Kun-Tso Chen1507 - 1513
The IRGAL Project: Innovation and Research on Galileo in PiedmontMarco Pini, Maurizio Fantino, Paolo Mulassano, Letizia Lo Presti, Luigi Bragagnini1514 - 1519
Matched Filter MBOC Tracking by AccumulationJosé Diez, João S. Silva, Antonio Fernández1520 - 1524
Multipath and Tracking Performance of Galileo Ranging Signals Transmitted by GIOVE-BAndrew Simsky, David Mertens, Jean-Marie Sleewaegen, Wim De Wilde, Martin Hollreiser, Massimo Crisci1525 - 1536
Intellectual Property, Patents & Air Force ContractsDave Ehrhart1537 - 1553
Impact of KSR v. Teleflex on GPS PatentsJan M. Conlin1554 - 1569
An ANN Embedded POS Algorithm for a Low Cost MEMS INS/GPS Integrated SystemHsiu-Wen Chang, Chia-Yuan Li1570 - 1581
Land-Based Navigation Aiding by Fusion with Airborne Sensory DataTaher Hassan, Naser El-Sheimy1582 - 1588
GPS/INS Integrity Monitoring Using a Modified GPB1 Filter BankJ. Wendel, O. Meister, R. Mönikes1589 - 1595
Robust Design for GNSS IntegrationJames L. Farrell1596 - 1599
Hybrid Extended Particle Filter (HEPF) for INS/GPS Integrated SystemPriyanka Aggarwal1600 - 1609
Performance of a Low-cost Real-time Navigation System using Single-frequency GNSS Measurements Combined with Wheel-tick DataCh. Hollenstein, E. Favey, C. Schmid, A. Somieski, D. Ammann1610 - 1618
Integrating Loran and GNSS for Safety of Life ApplicationsBenjamin B. Peterson, Sherman C. Lo, Per K. Enge1619 - 1630
Incorporating Obstructions in GDOP Mapping Through the use of LiDAR DataKrista Amolins1631 - 1640
A New Method for Electronic Compass Magnetometer Calibration for Improving Azimuth Calculation in Magnetometer/GPS Integrated SystemHang Guo, Donghyun Kim, Richard Langley, Min Yu, Chengwu Zou, Wenwen Huang1641 - 1648
The New L2C GPS Code: Signal and Positioning Quality AnalysisMattia De Agostino, Marco Piras, Chiara Porporato1649 - 1657
Performance Evaluation of L2C Data/Pilot Combined Carrier TrackingKannan Muthuraman, Richard Klukas, Gérard Lachapelle1658 - 1666
Evaluation of the New WAAS L5 SignalHyunho Rho, Richard B. Langley1667 - 1678
Investigation of Upload Anomalies Affecting IIR Satellites in October 2007Karl Kovach, John Berg, Victor Lin1679 - 1687
Evaluation of Compass Ambiguity Resolution Performance Using Geometric-Based Techniques with Comparison to GPS and GalileoWei Cao, Kyle O’Keefe, M. Elizabeth Cannon1688 - 1697
Development of Ultimate Seamless Positioning System Based on QZSS IMESDinesh Manandhar, Kazuyuki Okano, Makoto Ishii, Hideyuki Torimoto, Satoshi Kogure, Hiroaki Maeda1698 - 1705
C-Band User Terminal Tracking Loop Stability Analysis for European GNSS Evolution ProgrammeJong-Hoon Won, Bernd Eissfeller, Andreas Schmitz-Peiffer, Enrico Colzi1706 - 1718
Multichannel Dual Frequency GLONASS Software ReceiverS. Abbasian Nik, M.G. Petovello1719 - 1729
Comparison of Assisted and Stand-Alone Methods for Increasing Coherent Integration Time for Weak GPS Signal TrackingPejman L. Kazemi, Cillian O’Driscoll1730 - 1740
Differential Joint Data/Pilot Acquisition Strategies for Indoor Galileo E1 SignalTung Hai Ta, Letizia Lo Presti, Fabio Dovis, Davide Margaria, Riccardo Lesca1741 - 1747
A New Statistical Model of the Indoor Propagation Channel for Satellite NavigationMatteo Paonni, Victoria Kropp, Andreas Teuber, Guenter W. Hein1748 - 1757
Combined L1 / L2C Tracking Scheme for Weak Signal EnvironmentsCyrille Gernot, Kyle O’Keefe, Gerard Lachapelle1758 - 1772
Ubiquitous WiFi/GNSS Positioning System - TOA Based Distance EstimationKazimieras Bagdonas, Kai Borre1773 - 1779
DINGPOS: A Hybrid Indoor Navigation Platform for GPS and GALILEOJ. A. López-Salcedo, Y. Capelle, M. Toledo, G. Seco, J. López Vicario, D. Kubrak, M. Monnerat, A. Mark, D. Jiménez1780 - 1791
Effects of Oversampling and Multipath on Navigation Using OFDM Signals of OpportunityChristopher M. Schexnayder, John F. Raquet, Richard K. Martin1792 - 1803
Augmentation of Low-cost GPS/MEMS INS with UWB Positioning System for Seamless Outdoor/Indoor PositionngMakoto Tanigawa, Jeroen D. Hol, Fred Dijkstra, Henk Luinge, Per Slycke1804 - 1811
Active RFID Fingerprinting for Indoor PositioningGuenther Retscher, Qing Fu1812 - 1820
GPS Position Aiding in a Cellular Telephone without the NetworkM.R. Jarvis, R.W. Rowe, P.J. Duffett-Smith, A.R. Pratt1821 - 1828
RTK Relative Positioning Algorithms for Long Baselines with Estimating Ionospheric and Tropospheric DelaysSeigo Fujita, Hiroaki Imono, Yukihiro Kubo, Sueo Sugimoto1829 - 1839
SiRF InstantFix II TechnologyWentao Zhang, Vijay Venkatasubramanian, Hongxin Liu, Makarand Phatak, Shaowei Han1840 - 1847
Determination of Minimum Data Required to Achieve Desired Location PerformanceSameet M. Deshpande, Mangesh Chansarkar, Mahesh Chowdhary1848 - 1854
Short-term Stability of GNSS Satellite Clocks and its Effects on Precise Point PositioningAnja Hesselbarth, Lambert Wanninger1855 - 1863
GPS Precise Absolute Positioning via Kalman FilteringBrian W. Tolman1864 - 1874
Models and Algorithms Evaluation on GPS Kinematic Precise Point PositioningCongwei Hu, Wu Chen, Jicang Wu1875 - 1882
A Time-Relative Approach for Precise Positioning with a Miniaturized L1 GPS LoggerJ. Traugott, G. Dell’Omo, A.L. Vyssotski, D. Odijk, G. Sachs1883 - 1894
ATOM: Super Compact and Flexible Format to Store and Transmit GNSS DataIgor Artushkin, Aleksey Boriskin, Dmitry Kozlov1895 - 1902
WAAS Benefits of GEO RangingTimothy Schempp, Jason Burke, Arthur Rubin1903 - 1910
A Simple Algorithm for Dual Frequency Ground Monitoring Compatible with ARAIMJuan Blanch, Todd Walter, Per Enge1911 - 1917
Modeling Ionospheric Spatial Threat Based on Dense Observation Datasets for MSASTakeyasu Sakai, Keisuke Matsunaga, Kazuaki Hoshinoo, Todd Walter1918 - 1928
A New Modeling Scheme of Satellite Ephemeris and Clock Errors for Korean WADGPS Test BedDoyoon Kim, Ho Yun, Kyoungho Sohn, Changdon Kee1929 - 1937
Reconstructing the WAAS Undersampled Ionospheric Gradient Threat Model for the WAAS Expansion into MexicoEphrem Paredes, Nitin Pandya, Lawrence Sparks, Attila Komjathy1938 - 1947
Architecture of an FAA Certified TSO-C145c Precision Approach ReceiverR.A. Nayak, J.K. Ray1948 - 1954
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